The Training And Fitness Specialist

Hey! My name is Hannah and I run Canine Fitness Connection! I'm so glad you have found our page, and I hope we can help you along your dog training journey. I believe it’s never too late to teach an old dog (and their owner) new tricks. In fact I have helped dogs of many ages and breeds with a variety of training struggles. I work on both a dogs fitness as well as their training, helping dogs everywhere to become healthier which in turn helps to achieve your training goals much faster. My main goal is to arm you and your dog with the skills to help you live a peaceful life and achieve that dog-owning dream you always had!

Do you want...

Better recall?

Less lunging and barking?

Less pulling on lead?

Better listening?

More calmness?

Concept Training

What even is this?

Rather than teaching a dog a particular response to a specific situation, instead we teach them much broader concepts that help us to alter their personality and allow them to make better choices in a variety of situations. We can grow different things, such as optimism, confidence, self control, arousal down, calmness, disengagement, focus, grit, independence, proximity and more! What your dog needs more of will depend on where they are at now, and what your goals are, whether that's just fitting in with your family, having off lead freedom, being calmer in the home OR allowing them to work better in sports and working activities OR MAYBE EVEN less lunging and barking at other dogs, less car chasing, less reacting to noises and more! 

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